Declaration of Democracy for a Majority Vote Budget: Are you with us?

Sign your name to support restoring democracy to California's government

The special election resolved nothing. California still faces a massive budget deficit. And, try as they might, our state legislators will likely fail to close the gap because the system in which they operate is inherently dysfunctional.

The legislature cannot do its job because unlike 47 other states, it cannot make budget decisions by a majority vote. As a result of the ridiculous 2/3rds requirement for passing a budget, a small cabal of right-wing Republicans hold California's budget hostage year after year after year.

Government fails when it isn't democratic, as the 2/3rds rule repeatedly proves. That's why the League of Young Voters, CREDO Mobile, and the Courage Campaign are declaring today that it's time to bring democracy to California's broken government. We're calling it the "Declaration of Democracy" and we need your support to make it a success.

Are you with us? If you support this declaration for a Majority Vote Budget, please join us by signing your name to it now. Then forward this link to your friends:

DECLARATION OF DEMOCRACY: Budgets and taxes should be approved by a majority vote of the legislature!
This petition is no longer active.